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Basic Info

About the School

After many years of teaching and cooperating with universities and music schools around the world, Zohar is opening his own School for Frame Drums and rhythm.

In this school you will find seminars for all kind of musicians who are interested in rhythm theory, frame drums finger technique (Tof Miriam / Bendir - Upper and Lap positions and Riq), rhythmical compositions and Improvisation. 


The seminars will be held for a small group of students (between 8 to 10)

with the same musical level : beginners, medium and advance.

There are few types of seminars :

  1. Five days, five hours a day 

  2. Three days, five hours a day

  3. One day, five hours

  4. Workshop Series - 4 meetings of 3 hours each once or twice a week


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About Zohar

About Zohar Fresco

Zohar Izhak Fresco is known as a pioneer of the tof miriam, the ancient frame drum originated in the Middle East more than three thousand years ago.

Born in Israel to a family with deep roots in Turkey and as a descendant of Tamburi Izhak Fresco, remarkable, well known Jewish Turkish composer who lived in 18th-19th centuries, Zohar was drawn to music at an early age and revealed a major influence of the music of his origins.

Fresco understood the great value and the wide musical range that exists in the tof miriam and dedicated his life to the development of a new fingering technique and a unique musical language by the name MANEGINA. In doing so Fresco created his own drumming style and became a mentor to musicians all over the world who followed him, learned the secrets of his musical method and adapted his drumming style in their musical work.

Fresco’s deep research, wide experience and dedication to his art made him master of percussion and one of the most sought after music workshops conductors. He is frequently invited to colleges, universities and music centers around the world to teach and share his music theory and playing technique.

Visit Zohar Fresco´s Oficial Site 


Our Location


In the heart of the old town of the pinterest city Porto in Portugal.
A city located on the banks of the Douro River, abounding in beautiful art, sunny weather, fine wine
and a variety of comfortable accommodation options

More info about the Venue :


The School is located at Asfur 4 street in Wadi-Nisnas - one of the most beautiful  neighborhoods of down town Haifa.

It is situated only 10 minutes walk from

Haifa Center-HaShmona Train Station,

which has a direct line from the airport.

In this area you will find many restaurants and bars as well as touristic sites like the Bahai Gardens, Haifa beach and

local rich gastronomy.

Getting here

Getting Here

There is a direct train from Ben Gurion Airport to

Haifa Center-HaShmona train station.

At the Airport just follow the signs to the Train and get your ticket right there.

Click here for an article about transportation to and from 

Ben Gurion Airport.




There are direct flights to Porto from many destinations all over Europe. 

You can also fly to Lisbon and get there by Train. 

We recommend getting a Taxi or Uber from Porto Airport.



Here you can find some Hotels & Guest Houses links in our area.


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